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+256 704 671 286 bookings@ugandaculturallodges.com

The Lodge Profile

About the Lodge

Situated on one of the hills of Kigarama on the outskirts of Lake Mburo National Park exactly 1km from Sanga gate where the game drive starts is Kigarama Wilderness Lodge. Established in 2023 as part of the umbrella Uganda Cultural Lodges that is composed of two other sister lodges namely; Hoima Cultural Lodge and Lake Mulehe Gorilla Lodge in Bwindi. Kigarama Wilderness Lodge was named after Kigarama a brother to Mburo as emerged from the brief history of the location, which involved the two brothers Mburo and Kigarama.

While at Kigarama Wilderness lodge you have an opportunity to embrace breath taking panoramic views of the Lake Mburo National Park, coupled with nature overhead and experience wildlife up close grazing at your door step. In addition, you will often have a few of the animals from the park reaching the lodge creating beautiful memorable scenes of adventure.


Brief History of Kigarama

According to an old folk tale from the Ankole Kingdom which tells of the two brothers, Kigarama and Mburo. There is a belief to it that the brothers are said to have lived in the valleys within the national park, and on one dark night, Kigarama had a scary dream in which floods covered the entire valley killing him and the brother. Shaken as he was Kigarama decided to caution Mburo and convince him to leave his home in the valley but all that was in vain as all his warnings fell on deaf ears. The valley indeed flooded with water and thus forming the current lake Mburo, the lake was there after named after Mburo and the surrounding hills named Kigarama in remembrance of the two brothers.

The Lodge Amenities

The lodge is well equipped with a variety of amenities designed to compliment your stay and make you feel right at home. From the cozy rooms to a swimming pool area, fireplace,  relaxing massage, we have everything you need for a perfect getaway.

  • Swimming Pool
  • 12 Spacious Cottages so far
  • Organic Garden
  • Fire place
  • Wifi
  • Craft Shop & Museum
  • Lake Mburo & Park View
  • Solar Energy
  • Beauteous Gardens
  • Massage

Our Services

Kigarama Wilderness lodge offers 4 star accommodation with a number of 14 rooms in total comprised of 2 family rooms and the rest being used as doubles, singles or triples. All our rooms are a state of comfort crafted to be your home away from home and well equipped with spacious ensuite shower rooms, all our rooms are backed by spectacular views overlooking the park. The lodge is well structured with safe ample parking space ahead of beauteous gardens that can be a venue for those that would like to have destination weddings. The lodge also incorporates a lounge area, dining area and a generously stocked bar which will compliment your joyous stay.

Among other amenities and facilities in plan is a state of the art swimming pool and a kids play area to offer entertainment and a sense of relaxation.

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